Anira Paper Mill

Anira Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd. is situated in Bhilwara(Raj.) also known as textile hub of India

At APMPL we manufacture 100 % recycled Kraft Paper Board & Board used by industries providing packaging solutions such as Paper Cone Industries, Paper Tube Ind., Paper core Ind. , Paper Edge Ind., Corrugation Industries, etc.
The company’s motto is to constantly improve the customer experience by responding and reacting to customer requests, needs and feedback. Our focus is on providing quality paper that perform as promised when purchased from us. We will continually and rigorously scrutinize quality in all measures so that we can supply to the marketplace with the highest possible standards.
We manufacture quality paper and board by recycling of waste paper as the feedstock for domestic consumption. Although paper is traditionally identified with reading and writing, communication has now been replaced by packaging as the single largest category of paper use at 41% of all paper used.

We feel very Proud to say that we are using 100% Recycled fiber in our unit to manufacture our products, Thus serving our society in different ways:

1. Disposing of waste materials in an economical, scientific way.
2. Preserving the environment primarily through preserving its natural resources and the biodiversity of trees through reducing dependence on imported pulp, which depends for its production on cutting down forest trees.
3. Raising environmental awareness and healthy practices of the public.

Recycling each ton of paper saves 17 Trees, 7000 Gallons of Water, 2.5 Barrels of Oil, 4100 kWh of Electricity, 4 Cubic Meters of Landfill.